creating the art
that your heart is
calling for

By carefully balancing consumer psychology, UI/UX design, and art in all forms, Sainte Noire is able to tap into what makes a person special, and showcase it for the world to cherish.



Sainte Noire is an extension of its founder and lead designer, Celeste Dial. At the same time,
it is so much more than its creator. Established in 2020, Sainte Noire a brand building studio
for ambitious, bold women who are eager to share their creative vision and personal values with
the world. We challenge our clients to think bigger than “online brand-building” with creative
solutions that bleed into everyday life.

meet sainte noire

Design + Art Direction Inspired By


That serves as the colliding of worlds–past meets future,
aspiration meets impact, creative visions brought to fruition
in a way that you didn’t think possible.


“Sainte Noire is a love letter to art, print, design, and 
fearless women. What started as a means to work in a creative 
capacity while staying home with my son quickly turned into 
the first steps of a self-love, healing journey. One that I 
didn’t know I needed to go on. By helping women share their 
magic with the world, I was able to find myself. My design style 
is reflective of my personality—bold, dauntless, and one-of-a-kind. 
With Sainte Noire®, I help women realize that their dreams are 
closer than they think.”

a word from celeste

Founder + Lead Designer


We are ushering in an era of women fearlessly taking up space. We demand nothing less than what we are worth. We are reshaping the landscape of society, inspiring those around us to stand up for their beliefs and take control of their narrative. Hand in hand, we are paving the way for future generations to embrace radical expression and celebrate all that makes us earth-shattering.


Though our work feels editorial and glossy, it is brimming with usability and personality. We are proud of our ability to dig deep into our client's lives—uncovering what makes them shine and showcasing it fearlessly to the world. We truly believe that great brands transcend global and cultural boundaries, making space for true human connection.


At Sainte Noire, we emphasize design that dives deeper than aesthetics. Design is an art–one that must intricately balance craft with psychology, and always carry a deeper meaning.

Our work disregards industries, focusing instead on the woman (or women) behind the brand. We work with fearless creatives to help them confidently claim their space and craft a brand that celebrates everything that defines who they are. Anyone who values art, creation, and connection can find a home in Sainte Noire.

Our work disregards industries, 
focusing instead on the woman (or women) 
behind the brand. We work with 
fearless creatives to help them 
confidently claim their 
space and craft a brand 
that celebrates everything 
that defines who they are. 
Anyone who values art, 
creation, and connection 
can find a home in Sainte Noire.


From start to finish I felt like Celeste understood both myself and my vision. I went from having the most basic website to an actual portfolio that I'm truly proud of. She gave me the exact up-level I needed!! Not only that, but her communication was amazing – never left me hanging or wondering what was happening. 


Working with Sainte Noire was an absolute dream! I worked with Celeste on everything from my branding to my website and even the art direction for my business. This not only has given me a brand I feel confident in, but one that changed the trajectory of my business and clients I was booking. I can't say enough good things.


 Before working with Sainte Noire I was feeling so lost in my business. Since working with them I swear I have never felt better about my business. I was brought to tears by the transformation that this project had on my business, confidence and projects I've been able to book.