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Showit is a drag and drop website builder. It's super user-friendly, and you don't need any development or coding knowledge to use it. Showit makes it easy for you to maintain and manage your site as your business grows without having to hire someone every time you need to make a change. Plus, it integrates with Wordpress so you can start or migrate your blog over to your new site.

Why Showit?

Custom work is for more established businesses that are ready to scale their businesses and create a personalized experience for their clients. Design Weeks are geared towards entrepreneurs that are just starting out or have been in business for a while, but are working with a smaller budget. We believe you deserve the brand and website of your dreams, no matter what phase or stage of business you're in.

What's the difference in Custom Work and your Design Week packages?

Absolutely! We offer payment plans for any project over $1000. This is because we want our skillset, knowledge and offers to be available to you at any point. With payment plans you do have to pay a retainer to hold your spot on our calendar, then the rest of the project (once booked) can be split in to whatever payment plan we agree to together.

Do you offer payment plans?

Your brand is the physical body of your business, but you still have to have the insides to make the body work and live, right? Think of the insides as your copywriting, photo/video, branding, website design, social media, etc. We do not do logo only projects because you need so many other elements to accurately and successfully build your brand. The same is said for a website - we do not design websites as stand-alone offers because they cannot work properly without a strategic brand to back them up.

Can you design just a logo or just a website?

Yes! We love to become part of your team past your initial project. We can help you plan quarterly photo/video shoots, give marketing and identity advice, train your team on what the brand should walk, talk and act like, etc. Even give your client experience and back end systems an upgrade so that they are legacy worthy. Think of us as your in-house brand duo - taking your brand from successful to a thriving legacy.

Can we bring you on as a Brand Consultant if we want your mind and eyes on our business month-to-month?