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As a full service Brand Building Studio we specialize in everything from your brand and website design, to you brand's art direction & photoshoot planning, copy, you name it. There is something for you no matter what stage of business you are currently in.

Each of our clients are bold and unique in their own ways. They have a message they want to get out to the world. One thing we always say to our clients is "You have the secret sauce that your brand needs to be successful". At Sainte Noire we take what makes you, you, and turn it into your brand's legacy that will entice more of your ideal projects and clients to want to work with you specifically. If you're ready to leave your mark on not only your industry, but the world, let's team up! We're waiting for you.


you have the secret sauce your brand needs to be successful

The process

Behind The Magic

Gather your thoughts on what outcome you'd like to have from your project, then choose the package that's going to help you achieve your dreams.


Inquire With Us

Now it's time to get in touch with us! Fill out the inquiry form on our contact page and give us an idea of what service or package you're looking to book. Once this is completed, we will be in touch within 24-48 hours with next steps.

Next, we will send you a custom questionnaire based off of the type of project you've inquired about. This questionnaire allows us to get a better idea of what you want out of this project, your business, yourself & if we're a good match.

Custom Project Questionnaire

Last, but not least, you will receive a custom proposal that will allow you to finalize your package choices, choose the start date you want, and pay your retainer to hold your spot on our calendar.

Get Started

Website in a week

The service that helps you get your ideas into the world and making you money, in little to no time. Our Website In A Week service was designed for the ambitious business owner that wants to shake things up and quickly. It includes a mini brand kit, customization of a template (of your choice) from our shop, 'how to edit' videos, an IG Links page & the best part is;
it's all completed in one week! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is for you if you want a show-stopping brand presence without the large price tag or if you want something that is so uniquely you without having to wait 3 months for it.

beta pricing starts at — $1800

custom work

investment starting at — $4000

Our custom offers are perfect for the business owner that is ready for a deep dive into their brand, its visuals, and you want a website that is so uniquely you, a template just won't cut it (yes, even a customized one). The most popular custom package we have is a Brand & Website Design package. This includes a full brand kit, a website wireframe week, up to 6 pages of website design, launch graphics, & 'how to edit' videos.
The timeline for custom projects is 4 weeks minimum.

art direction

Whether you're planning your first photoshoot and have no idea what you need in order to have a successful shoot or
you're tired of all of the tedious planning that goes into
it and you just want to be able to sit back, drink wine and
enjoy your shoot day, this is for you.

We take care of everything down to colors of your props and flat lay photos. We are your creative director and work hand in hand with not only you, but your photographer also to create the photoshoot that builds legacies.

starting at — $500

— a concensus of multiple client reviews
*we love making you cry


Is your brand playing small, while you dream big? Keeping quiet while you dare to be loud? Holding back while you are out to conquer? Then let's do this.

ready to start?


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